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10 Lo-Pro™ Pushback Advantages: Learn Why Advance Does It Best

2 weeks ago
Advance’s Lo-Pro Pushback pallet racking systems are used extensively in high-cube storage facilities and provide superior selectivity and cost benefits when compared with other deep warehouse storage alternatives.  Advance Storage Products’ pushback rack systems are available 2-6 deep and offer a number of advantages including: High Density Storage – As mentioned, Advance manufactures 2, 3, […]
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1 month ago
How Distribution Centers and Warehouses are Evolving to Meet Customer Convenience Ecommerce is changing supply chains as we know it.  You have heard this sentiment before and witnessed the apparent effects across material handling.  Consumers have more access to information than ever before and fulfillment centers must figure out the ideal distribution n storage configuration […]
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The 6 Components of Drive-In Pallet Racking

2 months ago
Interior Support Arms – Interior support arms are used on the interior upright posts.  Interior double and single arms are both constructed with a structural steel channel mounted to a flat plate.  The plate is configured with a (2″ on center) hole pattern for maximum adjustability.  Single arms are used on end of row upright […]
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Racking 101: Pushback System Types

4 months ago
Pushback pallet racking is a high density solution for warehouse and distribution centers.  Learn more about the different types of pushback systems below: LoPro Pushback – Advance’s LoPro pushback carts and rails are made from 3″ channel and 3/16 angle.  Carts are linked together to prevent separation and captured within the rail.  The Advance rail […]
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Load Beams: Capacity and Definitions

4 months ago
Structural Load Beams Capacity – Based on uniformly distributed loads per pair of beams with a minimum of one cross bar per pair of beams. Selective Beams – Selective beams are available without holes or with two holes per pallet position to allow for cross bar installation.  They are used in single or double deep […]
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Drive-In Systems: What You Need To Know

5 months ago
Drive-In systems are designed to provide many years of safe storage in high frequency loading service.  They offer the ability to store a large amount of similar SKUs in a small storage area.  Selectivity is sacrificed, but storage density is outstanding. In a drive-in system, a lift truck drives into the rack to access pallets […]
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Selective Racking: What You Need To Know

7 months ago
Single selective rack is by far the most basic of all rack configurations.  At the same time it also provides the highest degree of selectivity with respect to access to stored pallet loads.  The downside to a warehouse filled with selective rack is that more than half of your warehouse square footage will be fork […]
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Double Deep Selective Rack: What You Need To Know

8 months ago
Double deep selective rack goes one step further to maximize pallet storage while remaining a very basic rack configuration.  Selectivity will suffer, as this is now a First-In Last-Out (FILO) inventory system.  While this system improves your storage to aisle space ratio it requires a little more sophisticated fork truck and operator to place the […]
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