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Having completed over 10,000 projects, Advance provides materials handling solutions for companies throughout North America including many in the Fortune 500.  Whether you are faced with increasing product density, a growing number of SKU’s, the need for better selectivity or other pallet storage challenges, Advance has the solution.  In the case studies below, you will see how we’ve helped organizations like yours with solutions including Pushback, Selective, Drive In, and Flow Systems.

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Utilizes Advance Double Deep

Problem:  Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation (ABW) recently chose Advance Storage Products to complete another structural racking project in Kennesaw, GA. ABW’s objective when choosing a structural racking provider included finding the right balance for their kind of inventory and storage efficiency while maintaining support for high velocity and high turnover. Working with the highest quality product at the best price on the market was also of high importance for Atlanta Bonded Warehouse.

Solution:  The double deep configuration for ABW’s distribution has been a staple in their operations for a number of years and Advance came through once again. This warehouse racking solution utilizes an extensive double deep pallet storage configuration complete with over 31,000 pallet positions. Key components of the double deep configuration include the ability to maximize how many effective pallet positions are available for use in the warehouse and to provide the distribution flexibility to operate in a FEFO (First Expired First Out), LIFO or other pallet configuration. This solution provides more pallet positions per square foot and a reliable design in terms of maintenance and repair with long lasting structural integrity. ABW is able to optimize their storage and retrieval throughput while maintaining a large, diverse SKU count.

The total storage solution includes 31,072 pallet positions at eight pallets high and with a top beam level of 433″. This configuration integrated seamlessly with ABW’s complex operations and has a utilization close to 90% at any given time, which increases inventory efficiency when compared to selective racking solutions. Advance continues to deliver industry-leading value at a better price than the competition and adheres to a hands-on approach with each ABW project to ensure maximum efficiency and solution compatibility. ABW is able to customize their racking solution according to their specific needs to deliver the right inventory management and throughput to maintain high output while mitigating potential hurdles.

About Atlanta Bonded Warehouse:

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse has provided public and contract food-grade, temperature-controlled distribution services for over 60 years. ABW is the leading provider of temperature-controlled warehousing & LTL/TL transportation in teh Southeast and also one of the largest logistics companies for confectionary distribution.

Quaker and Advance: The Right Mix!

Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for Quaker Oats’ largest single worldwide brand, its Gatorade thirst quencher. In total, Advance supplied more than 20,000 pallet positions of pushback rack to Quaker’s facilities in Indiana and Arizona.

Led by a number of strong brands including oatmeal, cereals, granola bars and pasta/rice mixes, the Quaker name has stood for quality products for more than a century. Acquired by the Quaker Oats Company in 1983, Gatorade has grown from sales of $100 million in fiscal 1984 to over $1.8 billion worldwide in 1999. Its Gatorade product line accounts for nearly 40 percent of the company’s sales and operating income, while commanding an 82 percent share of the sports beverage category in the United States.

As this division of the Quaker Oats Company continued its rapid growth, so did the company’s need for more efficient and dependable storage. Distribution centers continued to fill to capacity in an rs 10 1attempt to handle the company’s ever-growing product line. So, the team at Quaker put their heads together to find a solution to beat these skyrocketing storage and transportation costs. Quaker’s dilemma: How to improve the storage density of its facilities, while at the same time cutting back on product damage being caused by their current method of storage. There were multiple load presentation constraints due to new packaging. Over the years, Quaker’s floor stack environment had gone from storing four pallets high to only two. Another challenge was to provide greater SKU access (because of the stacking patterns, the customer was obligated to 27 units of one SKU).

Quaker Oats

Advance’s Solution: Advance 2, 4 and 5-deep Lo-Pro Pushback over floor stack. There were many factors to consider in order to justify the project and make it successful. Product mix was analyzed and a plan for slotting the system was developed prior to the completion of the installation. This was important so that systems could be set up prior to implementation, thereby not affecting order-picking productivity. A plan was implemented utilizing a combination of very dense Advance pushback racking for the large volume storage areas and more traditional selective styles for the case-picking areas. Result: Quaker’s productivity has improved, they are experiencing less product damage, they have increased the number of SKU’s being stored in the same area and they are enjoying dramatic savings to the facility previously incurred from outside storage and transportation costs. The project was completed witho

Taking Cube Utilization to New Heightsrs 11 1

Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for Torrance, CA based Seville Classics. A footprint of an area measuring 65’ long by 22’ wide actually provides storage for an amazing 825 pallets.

Bringing innovative products such as steel shelving units and unique, high-quality household items to homes and businesses for over 20 years, Seville Classics’ award-winning industrial designers and engineers research and develop new products, while constantly improving their existing line.

Their product line, which is high in bulk and low in SKU’s, is sold by pallet to national bulk retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club. Seville’s product is received in containers; the containers are stripped, the product is moved to pallets, and the pallets are moved to the first-in, first-out staging area to be loaded on trucks for delivery to its customers.

The firm operates three separate manufacturing facilities to provide the best quality and pricing for its customers. With an increased amount of product coming in from China and Taiwan, Seville Classics’ Sevilleexisting buildings were quickly filled to capacity. At that point, their appointed contractors suggested they bring in a warehouse consultant to obtain optimum results for their expansion.


Seville Classics brought in a consultant to coordinate the erection of a new 330,000 sq. ft. building in the nearby Harbor City area of Torrance. The project was put out to bid, and Advance Storage Products was chosen because of our commitment to quality, our innovative solutions, and our user-friendly, 1-on-1 approach with our customers. Advance’s International Sales Manager, Jim Rahm and his highly-skilled project management team, devised a system of pallet flow modules that is able to handle the large number of pallets that need to be staged from the receiving area to the shipping dock. The result is a 15-deep pallet flow system that looms 28’ high – quite unusual by common standards.

By cube utilizing the facility and storing product as high as possible, Seville Classics’ storage capacity has significantly increased, along with their ability to handle the throughput of product moving through their facility.

Fast Food – Dense Storage

McCabe’s was able to achieve significant savings by utilizing Advance’s retrofit 2 and 3 deep pushback system that easily converted their existing 2 and 3 deep drive-in rack to a new narrow aisle pushback system.

Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for McCabe’s Quality Foods, Inc. One of the nation’s largest systems distributors, McCabe’s distributes food and related products to fast food restaurants, including Burger King, Burgerville, Arby’s and Wendy’s in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and the Far East. McCabe’s recently won Top Distribution Company of the year for Burger King. Out of its corporate office in Portland, OR, McCabe’s 100,000 square foot distribution facility wanted to maximize its storage capacity in order to go after more accounts thereby growing the company without having to seek a new location.

McCabe’s converted their warehouse from a sit-down electric forklift and selective and drive-in rack configuration to a stand-up narrow aisle electric Reach truck and pushback rack layout. McCabe’s wasrs 12 1 provided with a new warehouse layout that increased their storage capacity by 33% more pallet positions, with better access for faster cycle turns.

Using the new layout, McCabe’s was able to determine the type and quantity of forklift and racking required to fulfill their need for more storage. They narrowed their choice to two potential vendors and proceeded to run cost and quality comparisons to determine their material handling partner. A key determinant for McCabe’s for the racking component of the project was a warehouse visit to “get a hands-on feel” for the rack and pushback system, according to McCabe’s President and CEO, Joe Kemetz. Mr. Kemetz and his operations manager, Steve Peil, agreed to a site visit to a large food distribution facility that used both of the brands they were considering. Accompanied by Adel Santner of Advance Storage Products, the site visit turned out to be key to the success of the sale. Adel was able to show McCabe’s the advantages in the design and quality of the Andersen rack and Advance 2 and 3 deep Lo-Pro Pushback systems in a head-to-head comparison, which left a positive impression on McCabe’s.

The tremendous savings in having the flexibility to retain some of the existing rack allowed the project to come in under budget and was crucial in the competitive price advantage of the Raymond truck, Andersen rack and Advance pushback solution.

With the extra storage capacity, McCabe’s is now able to aggressively pursue new accounts and grow their thriving food distribution company in a competitive marketplace.

Advance Increases ThroughputSweetener Products

The Advance Lo-Pro Pushback gave Vernon Warehouse the increased number of pallet postions they required and provided improved selectivity and greater ability to control a FIFO inventory. The 3-deep layout with some selective rack fit perfectly into the new facility.Sweetener Products

The Vernon Warehouse/Sweetener Products Company has been an innovator and industry leader in sweetener storage and handling since 1923. Located near Los Angeles in the city of Vernon, California, Sweetener Products Company operates a state-of-the art warehouse and distribution center, supplying a large variety of nutritive sweeteners, starches, salts, soy products, shortenings, and other specialty items. From bagged items to bulk truck quantities, Sweetener Products Company and its affiliated trucking company, Vernon Warehouse, offer a unique combination of products and services to the western region.

Vernon Warehouse Company employs well over 100 people. The order picking system in the Vernon Warehouse is comprised of FMC Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) narrow-aisle Sweetener Productstrucks. These forklifts automatically pick the pallet and set it in position for forklift operators in the dock area to load in the trucks. This ASRS system has decreased the employer overhead, while at the same time lowering insurance premiums.

Vernon Warehouse

Hal Long, President of Vernon Warehouse, based his decision to expand their existing facility on the fact that they had been turning away some important business due to their limited throughput. He recognized the need to get more organized control of their products, thereby increasing their throughput. Installation of the Advance 3-deep Lo-Pro Pushback System eliminated the need to double-handle the product, while also improving the accuracy of their inventory control system.

When asked how he came to his decision to work with Advance Storage Products, Hal Long said that Advance had worked closely on the front end of the project and provided a pushback product that worked and flowed perfectly. In addition, he felt that Advance addressed flow and capacity aspects that other vendors had overlooked. The selection was easy.

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