Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty—10 Year

1.    Advance warrants that all products are free from defects in workmanship or material (finish excluded, see item 6) for a period of 10 years after shipment.  Warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at Advance’s election, any defective products or components, without charge to purchaser or FOB Factory.  In no event shall any consequential damages be recoverable against Advance.

2.    The Advance Pushback components are under warranty for a period of 10 years from the time of installation. Warranty covers replacement FOB Factory (material only), for product that fails during normal usage in clean and dry warehouse operations.  Pushback warranty will not apply for harsh working environments (wash down, wet coolers, exterior use, etc.) or for product that has been relocated or stored outside.  Advance assumes trained operators and normal operating conditions.

3.    This warranty does not apply to any component or components that have been repaired or altered without guidance from Advance.

4.    Advance makes no implied warranty of merchantability or fit for a particular purpose with respect to the products manufactured by it and none shall arise by reason of its catalogs or drawings.

5.    No dealers, distributors or other sales representatives have any authority from Advance to alter, amend or extend the warranty.

6.    Advance makes no implied warranty about the life of the paint finish.  Touchup paint may be provided to cover blemishes, scrapes, chips, banding marks, rust, etc. which occur in shipping and handling.  For Pushback Systems paint may chip in steel areas that make contact with the pushback wheels during normal operation and especially during product break in.

7.    Warranty is valid only for original purchaser of the product and may not be transferred without Advance’s express written consent.

8.    Galvanized finishes on rack and pushback structural steel are warranted against failure that would affect service and product performance for a period of two years after installation.  Advance does not provide full seal welds on all joints so cosmetic blemishes and stains that are normal on hot dipped structural systems (and do not affect the performance of the system) are not covered.  Advance’s standard zinc plated pushback wheels and hardware are provided for galvanized systems.  In normal wash down conditions, the wheels and hardware will perform well and provide years of service, but we cannot guarantee wheel or hardware performance for unusually harsh or corrosive environments.

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