Pushback Pallet Racking Solutions

What is Pushback Pallet Racking?

Pushback racking is a type of pallet storage system that allows pallets to be stored on both sides of an aisle, providing higher density storage than other pallet rack systems.  A pushback rack system is a LIFO system, normally composed of an inclined rail section that extends the full depth of the storage lane (typically from 2 – 6 pallets deep).  There are a series of nested carts that the pallets rest on top of that roll on the rail system (either C channel or tube construction).

Pushback rack improves existing warehouse storage density up to 25% by eliminating aisles required in a selective rack environment.  In addition, the pushback stores multiple SKU’s and the front loading/unloading capabilities reduce labor costs when compared to double deep and drive-in pallet rack systems.

How does pushback racking work?

When the first pallet is loaded from the front, it sits on the first cart in the lane.  When the second pallet is loaded, the first pallet “pushes back” behind it one position.  The second pallet is then either placed on the rail in a two deep system or placed on the next cart in a 3-6 deep system.  This process continues until the lane is full up to six pallets deep.

To remove a pallet, the fork truck driver lifts the pallet off, reverses slowly and the next pallet comes forward and into the front position.  This operation is repeated until the lane is empty.

Advance’s Lo-Pro™ Pushback

As the industry’s leading manufacturer of pushback systems, Advance produces nearly half of the systems sold in the United States.  Advance’s Lo-Pro™ pallet rack system is recognized as the “gold standard” for low stack height, ease of installation, ease of operation, quality and durability.

Lo-Pro™ Pushback warehouse systems are used extensively in high-cube storage facilities and provide superior selectivity and cost benefits when compared with other deep warehouse storage alternatives.  Advance Storage Products’ pushback rack systems are available 2 – 6 deep.

Pushback Advantages:

  • High Density Storage
  • Fast Operation
  • High Selectivity

Pushback Applications:

Pushback Features:

  • Linked Carts:  Eliminates the possibility of a load being stranded and suddenly rolling out of control.
  • Serrated Pallet Grips:  Allows imperfect placement of pallets by “grabbing” the underside of the pallet ensuring that the load remains properly positioned on the cart.
  • Captured Carts:  Prevents cart lift-out by fork truck operators.
  • Low Profile:  The industry’s lowest stack height measuring 6″ on the 6 – deep system.
  • Welded Rail Frame:  Rails are permanently aligned at the factory to prevent field misalignment and costly maintenance.

*Some options are full support and level carts

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Pushback Types

Pick Module

Increase existing storage space up to 25% with 2 Deep Lo Pro Pushback systems.

These warehouse storage racks provide the flexibility to store multiple SKU’s and the ability to eliminate aisles needed in a selective rack environment.  These systems are front loading and unloading, which reduces labor costs when compared to double-deep and drive-in models.

For pushback systems to be efficiently utilized, there must be roughly 4-5 times the number of SKU’s of an item in the facility than the depth of the storage lane.

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Advance’s 3 Deep Lo Pro™ Pushback provides the flexibility to store multiple SKU’s and increases existing storage space up to 25%.

When compared to drive-in models, this warehouse storage rack’s front loading and unloading capabilities reduce labor costs.

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4 Deep Lo Pro Pushback

4 Deep Lo Pro Pushback warehouse storage racks are engineered to increase existing storage space up to 45% and store numerous SKU’s.

The front loading and unloading reduces labor costs when compared to drive-in systems.

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14372964700_39bb6228a9_o.jpgThe Deep Lo Pro™ Pushback is a flexible industrial storage system. It provides the ability to store several SKU’s and increases existing storage space up to 55%.

When compared to a drive-in system, the front loading and unloading helps reduce labor costs.

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6 Deep Lo Pro Pushback

6 Deep Lo Pro™ Pushback’s front loading and unloading capabilities help reduce labor costs when compared to drive-in rack systems.

This industrial storage system offers the flexibility to store multiple SKU’s and increases existing storage space up to 65%.

For 6 deep pushback to be efficiently utilized, a warehouse will need 24-30 of the same SKU’s in each position.

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3 Deep Pushback

Convert your existing Drive-In Rack to Pushback using Advance’s patented Drive-In Retrofit system.  Realize the benefits of pushback warehouse storage without the cost of replacing your existing system!

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Selective Retrofit

Convert your existing single deep selective rack to high density pushback storage with Advance’s unique Retrofit Pushback System.

Our unique material handling equipment design allows 2 & 3 deep pushback to be mounted on existing selective frames and beams.

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Full Support 1

Advance’s 2-5 deep Full Support Pushback warehouse storage systems are designed for shipping and other light duty pallets (up to 3,000 lbs).  Our Full Support Pushback storage rack systems can be configured with extra struts or wire mesh deck to support a wide variety of pallet configurations.

In addition, unlike our competition, we provide pallet support in the last storage position between the rails.

Use our Full Support Pushback system when your facility requires maximum flexibility.

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Pushback Floor MountMount your pushback racking system directly on the floor using Advance’ s floor mount stand kits.

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