Advance ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Benefits

ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Benefits:

Space Optimization and Reduction of Warehouse Management Costs – Store pallets at any depth and increase density in an existing building in lieu of an expansion.  Eliminate outside storage costs by increasing density of current inventory mix.

Increased Productivity When Compared with Other Deep Storage Systems – The shuttle works within the system while a forklift driver delivers loads to the truck bays to maximize inventory flow.

Adaptability for Changing Fire Code Requirements (NFPA 13) – Racking structure flue space compliant with NFPA 13.

Reduced Risk of Accidents and Damage to Goods – Compared to similar deep drive-in operations.

Ability to Operate in Environments with Temperatures Down to -20°F – Reduce operator time in cold storage environment and increase efficiency of forklift driver or operator.

LIFO or FIFO Operations – Can achieve both inventory flows within the same system depending on throughput requirements.

Quick Change Lithium-Ion Batteries – No additional training required.  Batteries weigh on average 25lbs.

Operation of Multiple Shuttles from a Single Remote – Operate up to 8 pallet shuttles with a single remote control.  Can operate multiple independent lanes and minimizes the need for multiple controllers or multiple shuttles in specific project situations.

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