Advance ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Built by Cassioli


The ISATellite is a high density, semi-automatic pallet storage solution for warehouse and distribution center operations.  Advance Storage Products has partnered with Cassioli to introduce the ISATellite pallet shuttle system to the United States market.  Advance and Cassioli combine over 60 years of pallet rack expertise with a proven track record of successful automation solutions throughout Europe.

The semi-automatic ISATellite allows storage of a large quantity of pallets (depths can exceed 30 or more pallets), allowing optimization of warehouse space for high density storage applications.  The Advance ISATellite is the ideal solution for high density pallet storage solutions.

ISATellite, operates in a semi-automatic mode, controlled by a remote control managed directly by the operator.  From the display on the remote control the user can monitor operating conditions in real time for one, or many shuttles.

The Advance-Cassioli partnership of proven success provides a high-quality alternative for high density pallet storage to customers in food and beverage, cold storage, and other large distribution applications.  Combining the flexibility of Advance’s customized racking applications and Cassioli’s semi-automatic components will deliver increased product storage capacity while simultaneously decreasing rack system damage from forklifts. 

ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Benefits:

  • Space optimization and reduction of warehouse management costs. 
  • Increased lift truck productivity when compared with other deep storage systems. 
  • Adaptability for changing fire code requirements. 
  • Reduced risk of accidents and damage to goods. 
  • Ability to operate in environments with temperatures down to -20°F. 
  • LIFO or FIFO operations. 
  • Quick change Lithium-Ion Batteries. 
  • Operation of multiple shuttles from a single remote. 
  • U.S. Based design and maintenance support. 

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