Direct Project Standard Terms

Design and Engineering

1.1    Pricing is per reference layout and elevation drawings and submittal material.
1.2    The rack system has been designed to meet IBC 2009 or IBC 2012 code (based on local requirements) and RMI/ANSI MH16.1-2012 specifications.  Should the code requirements change prior to permit submittal, rack design will be reviewed for code compliance and additional materials may be required.
1.3    Shortly after receipt of your order, Advance will provide a final Order Acknowledgement and approval drawing package.  Advance will produce the final product to exactly match what is shown in the approval package.  Standard engineering and drawing time is approximately 2 weeks. 
1.4    When required, our drawings and seismic calculations will be stamped by a Professional Engineer licensed in the state of the installation at additional cost.
1.5    Any rack repair or relocation projects will be performed within the guidelines published by RMI.
Permit and Plan Check    

2.1    If not specifically itemized, permits and plan check fees are not included.  These may be added at an additional cost. 
2.2    Slab and soil are assumed at a minimum thickness of 6”, with minimum 3,500 psi and 1,500 psf.  Customer must provide proof of slab thickness, slab strength and soil bearing pressure (subgrade modulus (K30)). If not available, Advance can contract a testing agency to core drill and provide slab capacity information at additional cost.
2.3    If a customer wishes to start installation prior to the a permit being issued, the customer must accept responsibility for costs related to potential changes to material or project delays that may occur during the permitting process. 
2.4    High pile storage permit and sprinkler permit by others.  A professional fire protection consultant should be retained by the customer to address any issues with egress, draft curtains, smoke vents, exiting or any other life safety issues pertaining to this facility.
Product Standards    

3.1    Unless noted on Advance’s Bill of Material all products will be painted with our standard colors.
3.2    Advance painted systems will function well in dry interior applications (ambient, cooler or freezer).  Advance painted systems are not designed for exterior, wet or wash down applications, (unless galvanized).
3.3    Wire decks are provided at the lowest level of all drive-under tunnels.
3.4    Wire deck capacity is based on a uniformly distributed load with the pallet resting on the load beams.  If worst-case decks are required (pallet will only rest on wire deck, no load beams), these can be provided for an additional costs.
3.5    If a bullnose protector is chosen, a ¾” anchor is provided for each position inside of the protector. 
3.6    One (1) shim per upright is provided.  If additional shims are required due to excessive pitch in the floor, they may be purchased at an additional cost.
3.7    Special anchors and/or continuous special anchor inspection is not included in our pricing, but can be added at an additional cost if required by the building department.
3.8    Weight shown includes drop-off.
3.9    Galvanized product is hot dipped and produced to meet ASTM standard A123 (Hot Dip Galvanizing).  Note that surface blemishes and minor rust stains are common for structural galvanized product.  Galvanized hardware is not included unless noted in the quotation (standard Cad plated hardware is included).
3.9    Standard hardware is 3/8″ or 1/2″ grade 5, plated bolts, with serrated locking nuts.
Installation Notes    

4.1    Installation pricing is based on site conditions outlined in attached installation scope. 
4.2    A non-union installation is quoted unless otherwise noted.
4.3    Customer agrees to have the installation area free and clear for unobstructed installation in proper sequential manner to avoid installation delays and potential added cost.  Installation delays or remobilizations to the crew may result in added cost. 
4.4    Unless otherwise noted, Advance assumes that sufficient indoor storage is provided for all material.  Extended outdoor storage is not recommended.  Damage to or cleanliness of the material due to outdoor storage is not the responsibility of Advance.
4.5    Any remobilizations, unplanned breaks in the schedule or nighttime/weekend installation may result in additional costs. 
4.6    Racking is shipped clean from the factory.  Unless noted, no additional wipe down is included.
4.7    When provided by customer power must be within 100 ft. of working area and of sufficient amperage and positions to support all of the installation crews equipment (recharge lifts, power tools, impact guns, lighting, etc.)
4.8    Advance highly recommends that customers unload any existing rack prior to commencement of work.  In cases where a customer is unable or unwilling to unload the rack that Advance is working in, Advance cannot take responsibility for damage to customer product.

5.1    Freight is quoted from our manufacturing facility in Cedartown, GA or Salt Lake City, UT and includes all current fuel surcharges.  Any additional surcharges at time of shipment will be billed at cost.
5.2    Tarping can be provided for flatbed shipments at an added cost.
5.3    Closed container shipments are available from our Cedartown facility, there is an added packaging and handling cost.

6.1    A final lead time will be assigned upon receipt of signed Order Acknowledgement and drawings plus completion of credit arrangements.  Delays to order approval or credit may result in delivery delays.   Advance will not produce without written approval.
6.2    Prices are valid for 30 days and subject to published steel surcharges in place 3 weeks before shipment.    Changes to quantity or job size may affect unit prices, both up or down.
6.3    Once Advance is released for production, the project may be produced at any time.  Any changes to the order after release may result in additional costs.  Since all products are built for the order, we can rarely accept a returned product.  Advance will do our best to minimize costs for all change orders.
6.4    Sales tax will be included with all invoices, unless a valid tax-exempt or resellers certificate has been received by Advance.  The certificates must be valid for the state that the product is shipped to.
6.5    To provide the best possible pricing, Advance will roll steel to custom lengths to match the approved lengths in the drawings.  Advance will notify customer of cut off dates from the steel mill required to meet the installation schedule.  Changes made to the product after the steel has been produced may result in increased costs due to excess scrap loss. 
6.6    On large projects, Advance will normally issue a preliminary lien notice.  This notice in no way is an indication of concern for our customer’s credit worthiness. 
6.7    From time to time, Advance will produce product that inter-members with systems produced by other manufacturers to approved fabrication drawings.  Advance will review site conditions and system design capacity, but cannot be responsible for any issues due to other manufacturer’s product failures, manufacturing errors, improper installation, rack damage, unsupervised repair, failure to notify Advance of job site conditions or other conditions beyond Advance’s control.
6.8    Advance Standard Warranty applies unless otherwise noted.
6.9    Advance Storage Products standard Terms & Conditions apply.  These may be viewed on our website at:  Copies can be
provided upon request.

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