Advance ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Capabilities



Hi-Density – Virtually unlimited pallet storage depth vs. pallet flow (no brakes required).  More forgiving at higher elevations and eliminates the need to clear jammed flow systems.  The ISATellite works smoothly with any type of pallet (no matter the quality) with no risk at snagging in the system.

Cold Storage CapableISATellite can operate in cold storage freezer or refrigerated environments down to -20°F.  Eliminates operator time within the cold storage environment and can reduce operating costs.

Fire Code Compliant (NFPA 13) – Flue space compliant according to fire code NFPA 13.

Increase Throughput – Increase throughput up to 30% depending on inventory flow mix.  Maximize warehouse footprint within current building.

Reduce Labor and Forklift Damage – Can reduce forklift operation and labor costs up to 40%.

Maximize Inventory Flow in the Same System – Can operate both FIFO and LIFO inventory flow within the same system.  Flexible to current inventory flow needs.

2 Wide Structural Racking Design – Use in Advance structural racking allows for 2 Wide design in most cases.

Advance ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Built by Cassioli
ISATellite Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttle

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