Terms and Conditions (Resale)


Standard Terms and Conditions (Resale Projects)

Capacity Ratings:  Unless otherwise noted all products provided are rated based on Advance standard load tables for installations at sites with no seismic activity.  If requested, Advance will certify load capacity for specific installation locations to comply with RMI specifications.  This certification will be provided in writing with the job approval package and is valid only for the identified project.  Stamped calculations can be provided at an additional cost.

Customer Provided Specifications:  Advance will certify capacity for customer specified systems if we are provided with stamped calculations from an Advance approved structural engineer, otherwise all products provided are rated based on Advance standard load tables for installations at sites with no seismic activity.

Pricing:  Prices are valid for 30 days.  To provide the most accurate pricing, unit prices are calculated uniquely for each job.  Changes to quantity or job size may affect prices, both up or down.

Steel Surcharge:  Advance prices are based on current steel surcharge levels noted in your quotation.  Final pricing may be changed based on steel surcharges in effect 2 weeks prior to the agreed to shipment date. 

Engineering Approval:  Within a few days of receipt of your order, Advance will provide a final Order Acknowledgement and approval drawing package.  Advance will produce the final product to exactly match what is shown in the approval package.

Order Approval and Delivery Time:  A final lead time will be assigned upon receipt of signed Order Acknowledgement and drawings plus completion of credit arrangements.  Delays to order approval or credit may result in delivery delays.  Advance will not produce without written approval.

Build to Order:  Once Advance is released for production, the project may be produced at any time.  Any changes to the order after release may result in additional costs.  Since all products are built for the order, we can rarely accept a returned product.  Advance will do our best to minimize costs for all change orders.

Intermembering with Other Systems:  Advance will produce product that intermember with systems produced by other manufacturers to approved fabrication drawings.  Advance cannot be responsible for any issues due to other manufacturer’s product failures, manufacturing errors, improper installation, failure to notify Advance of job site conditions or other conditions beyond Advance’s control.

Color Selection:  Unless noted on Advance’s Order Acknowledgement, all products will be painted with our standard colors.

Hardware:  All hardware to install your system is included (other than anchors). Anchors can be provided if requested.

Sales Tax:  Sales tax will be included with all invoices, unless a valid tax-exempt or resellers certificate has been received by Advance.  The certificates must be valid for the state that the product is shipped to.

Installation: Installation is not included unless otherwise noted.

Freight:  Advance provides freight estimates as a courtesy to our distributors.  Advance prefers the distributor handle their own freight arrangements and payments.  If Advance is requested to bill the freight charges, a 15% handling charge will be added to the freight bill.  Advance ships the majority of our projects on flat bed trucks.  Closed van shipment is available for a nominal added packaging charge.  The quantity of trucks is an estimate and can vary depending on shipping sequence and schedule.

Warranty:  Advance Standard Warranty applies unless otherwise noted.

Environmental Conditions:  Advance systems will function well in most dry interior applications (both ambient and freezer).  Advance systems are not designed for exterior, wet or wash down applications, unless galvanized.  Pushback freezer applications must use bolted pallet stops on the beams.

Preliminary Lien Notices:  On some projects, Advance may issue a preliminary lien notice.  This notice in no way is an indication of concern for our customer’s credit worthiness.  Advance will notify distributors prior to issuing the notice.  Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. 

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