Single Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet rack is a commonly used racking system, but not all racking systems are equal.  Advance Storage Product’s bolted structural pallet rack exceeds the RMI (Rack Manufactures Institute) racking standards of quality, long life and durability, as well as, the IBC (International Building Code) standards for structural design.

Selective rack accommodates flexibility in slotting design, which is ideal for high turnover, high SKU stock count and quick product accessibility.  Selective pallet rack is a cost-effective design allowing for the maximum number of SKU pick facings available in standard rack.  Single selective rack uses first-in first-out (FIFO) inventory management and provides immediate access to store and retrieve pallets.

Selective rack consists of vertical upright frames and horizontal load beams.  Configuration (length, width and load bearing capacity) of the system is custom engineered and determined by many factors such as weight, size of the load, customer requirements and the physical layout of the warehouse.  ASP beams are bolted to the uprights (1” or 2” vertical adjustability), creating a structurally sound, flexible, and heavy weight-bearing system backed by over 50 years of experience.

Selective Advantages:

  • Low cost per pallet position
  • Full selectivity and direct access to each pallet
  • Ease of adjustability
  • Easily configured to any load size

Selective Limitations:

  • Low density
  • Poor use of cubic space

Selective Applications:

Components For Selective Rack Systems Include:

  • Pallet Supports:  Bolt to front and rear load beams to prevent accidental fall through
  • Offset Load Stops:  Prevent pallets from being pushed off the rear of the beam level
  • End of Row Guards:  Floor mounted or rack supported
  • Wire Mesh Deck Panels
  • Rigid Row Spacers
  • Industrial Safety Netting

Structural Pallet Rack Types

Store 2 pallet positions from a single aisle (4 pallets back to back) with the Double Deep Selective Pallet Rack.  The Double Deep Reach warehouse racking system provides high-density storage at a lower initial capital cost when compared with other high-density storage systems.

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Drive-In rack systems provide a low budget and high density storage solution for customers with lower SKU counts.  Drive-In systems reduce the number of aisles required in a warehouse.  It is frequently used in cold storage applications, where the cost of (refrigerated) volume is at its highest and requires the most return on investment (more density).

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The 2 Wide DITM warehouse storage rack delivers maximum efficiency for high density storage.  This racking system allows twice the loading and unloading capacity in a single run while increasing forklift stability.

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Designed for high-volume applications, Pick Module pallet racks are designed for high-volume applications and are the perfect industrial storage solutions for full and split case picking.  Modules will often incorporate carton flow, pallet flow, pushback and other custom racking combinations.

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High-volume single level picking operations can benefit from Pick Tunnel pallet racking solutions because they provide superior warehouse storage density and cubic space utilization.

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High Bay industrial storage systems can exceed 60′ in height, nearly doubling the storage capacity of conventional systems (fully-automated and man up vehicles available). Some of the racking systems available through ASP allow vehicles to be moved between aisles to reduce initial capital costs.

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Very Narrow Aisle systemsVery Narrow Aisle pallet rack systems typically have 72” wide aisles and are accessed by wire guided turret trucks. Many of the Very Narrow Aisle warehouse racking systems have automated position locators that allow for very rapid access to loads.

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