Pallet and Carton Flow Rack Systems

When are flow systems right for your warehouse?

Pallet Flow 1.jpgWhen you need a first-in-first-out warehouse pallet storage solution, Flow Rack Systems may be the right material handling option for your facility.  Pallet flow rack systems provide very high-density storage in applications that must have first-in-first-out (FIFO).


Pallet Flow Racking:

Pallets are loaded into a storage lane from the loading aisle and flow downward on rollers towards the pickup aisle.  When the pallet reaches the bottom, it is held by a pallet stop.  As a pallet is unloaded from the bottom of the rack system, the next pallet flows down into place.  Pallet speed is controlled by the rollers and brakes.

Pallet Flow Advantages:

  • FIFO (First-In-First-Out)
  • High Storage Density (25+ Pallets Deep)
  • Efficient Picking and Unloading
  • Immediate Access to Product

Pallet Flow Disadvantages:

  • High Capital Investment
  • Requires Good Pallet Quality
  • High Maintenance Requirements
  • Limited SKU and Selectivity

Pallet Flow Applications:


Carton Flow Racking:

In addition to pallet flow racking systems, Advance offers carton flow racking.  Carton flow storage racks are used for low volume case picking and for high volume split case picking.  Cartons are loaded individually at the back side of the rack system and flow to the front (FIFO – First-In-First-Out).  Carton flow racks can be installed as stand-alone units or as a component of a larger pallet rack or pick module application.

Carton Flow Advantages:

  • Very High SKU Slot Facing
  • Can Support Both Full Case and Split Case
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Very Flexible
  • Efficient Picking

Carton Flow Disadvantages:

  • Requires Double Handling of Cases
  • Not Well Suited to High Volume, Full Case Applications

Carton Flow Applications:

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