4 Advantages To Utilizing Double Deep Selective Pallet Racking In Your Warehouse

Double deep selective racking solutions provide twice the pallet positions per aisle of single selective racking, maximizing pallet storage while remaining a very basic rack configuration. Inventory flow changes to a FILO (First In, Last Out) configuration, which decreases selectivity, but the storage to aisle space ratio improves significantly. Here are 4 advantages to using double deep selective racking in your distribution center or warehouse.

Low Initial Capital Investment:

  • Double deep selective racking solutions deliver 50% more storage capacity than single selective at the lowest cost available for structural pallet racking. This low cost solution delivers high inventory access for many distribution types and is applicable to many industry distribution requirements. Increase and possibly double storage capacity compared to single selective racking without increasing upfront costs and risk substantially.

Fewer Aisles Than Single Selective:

  • Double deep selective pallet racking can eliminate aisles in a warehouse and therefore increase pallet positions without compromising forklift lanes for accessing product. With this added storage, a warehouse can configure a larger slotting design to maintain access to a diverse product mix. Potential storage density is not as high as other pallet racking solutions (such as pushback) but the low initial cost combined with increased storage density and selectivity makes double deep selective racking a great solution for distribution centers in many industries.

Faster Pallet Handling Time:

  • Doubling the number of pallet positions and decreasing the number of aisles enables faster handling time for pallet access and delivery. This type of racking solution is simple and can be configured to maximize throughput requirements while minimizing access barriers to deliver a more streamlined pallet handling dynamic. Forklifts access two pallet positions from the same location, doubling inventory access and minimizing forklift movement.

Reduced Product And Pallet Damage:

With less movement and increased pallet position accessibility, this type of racking solution reduces product and racking damage by minimizing forklift and work movement while accessing pallet positions across the warehouse. Double pallet positions in your warehouse without reducing SKU access and the size of your warehouse product mix. Double deep selective racking protects product on the inside position of the racking system while minimally decreasing pallet accessibility and maximizing warehouse square footage utilization.

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