5 Repair Options for Damaged Pallet Rack

  1. Rack Replacement – Replacement of damaged rack components with identical parts approved by the OEM is recommended when the OEM can be identified and when original or revised engineering documentation is available. When load-bearing components of a rack structure are replaced with components that are not identical, the owner should request an engineering evaluation to evaluate the loads on the replaced components.


  1. Interchanging Components – RMI recommends against interchanging components, such as uprights or beams with similar looking components from other OEMs because such components might not be compatible or interchangeable with the OEM rack system. If components from multiple manufacturers are used, appropriate testing would need to be performed to validate that the capacity of the industrial pallet rack system has not been affected.  Replacement of load-bearing components is not recommended without first performing an engineering evaluation that incorporates the loads on the rack structure, including the components that have not been replaced.


  1. Repair Kits – In some situations, it can be economical or advantageous to remove the damaged section of an upright and to replace it with a component from a pre-engineered rack repair kit. Such kits are typically bolted or welded in place and anchored to the floor.  When designing the kit, a supervising engineer needs to evaluate the configuration and loading of the existing rack at the location of the damage, considering the loads imparted on the damaged component, and not just on the particular member being repaired.  Each load configuration needs to be evaluated separately. The repair kits need to be engineered to meet applicable building codes.


  1. Component Straightening – Component straightening should not be considered as a repair technique unless it is expressly approved by the supervising engineer. If a repair solution requires bending or straightening damaged components, the straightening process needs to be conducted in a manner that ensures that the appropriate load carrying properties of the steel, including the effects of residual stresses, are maintained in the repaired member.


  1. Welded Field Repair – Where replacement or repair kits are not an option, the owner could choose to perform a welded field repair on a rack system. Any field repairs should be supervised by a supervising engineer and welding should be performed by a certified welder so that the work is performed in accordance with applicable American Welding Society (AWS) standards.

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