RACK COMPARISON: Pushback vs. Drive-In


In 4,000 sq. ft. (200′ x 20′), the following number of bays can be laid out:

  • Drive-In Rack: 42 bays (56″ c/c bays) x 5 high x 5 deep x 1 wide = 1,050 pallet positions
  • Pushback: 24 bays (100″ c/c bays) x 5 high x 5 deep x 2 wide = 1,200 pallet positions
Drive – InPushbackImprovement
Rack Pallet Positions1,0501,20014%
Usable Pallet Positions7351,08046%
Cost/Pallet Stored$107$111<4%>

Pushback rack improves existing warehouse storage density up to 25% by eliminating aisles required in a selective rack environment. In addition, the pushback stores multiple SKU’s and the front loading/unloading capabilities reduce labor costs when compared to drive-in pallet rack systems.

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