How Much Does a Rack System Cost?


When selecting a rack system, it is important to look at the total system cost, rather than just the rack itself to ensure that you are selecting the overall system that will provide the best long term value for the operation.  Some factors to consider:

Style of Rack:
    • Rack systems can range from single deep selective rack, all the way up to high density pushback and drive in systems, light duty roll form, to heavy duty structural.  The higher density system that is selected, the smaller the foot print that will be required.  Pallet rack system cost can often be budgeted on a per pallet position basis for comparison purposes.
Facility Cost:
    • Based on the style of rack system selected, the facility size can be estimated and an annual operating cost can be estimated.
    • Lift Equipment Costs: Based on the size of the facility, distance traveled, volume, number of shifts and type of rack, the number of lift trucks and operators required can be estimated and annual operating cost estimated.
HVAC and Operating Costs:
    • These costs are typically tied to the size of the facility.
Annualize Costs:
    • By annualizing all of the estimated costs, an accurate total cost can be developed to give a better measure of the racks as part of a larger operating system.
    • By taking a total cost approach, the facility operator can be sure to understand the tradeoffs between the different configurations of systems, lift trucks and density. A brief example is included below. More accurate cost estimates can be provided by your equipment and rack suppliers.

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