Load Beams: Capacity and Definitions

Structural Load Beams Capacity – Based on uniformly distributed loads per pair of beams with a minimum of one cross bar per pair of beams.

Selective Beams – Selective beams are available without holes or with two holes per pallet position to allow for cross bar installation.  They are used in single or double deep selective rack applications.

Pushback (PB) Beams – Pushback beams are only available with holes, to allow for installation of pushback rails and pallet stops.  Front beams wll always have either 3, 6, or 9 holes for 1 wide, 2 wide and 3 wide respectively.

Reverse Beams – Reverse beams are welded with toes toward the aisles.

Cross Aisle Tie (C.A.T.) Beams – Cross aisle tie beams are channels or tubes that join one row of rack to another over the aisle.  Normally this is done to stabilize  single row of selective rack.

Gusset Beams – Gusset beams are standard beams with a gusset welded on.  Gussets are triangles that are welded to the underside of the beam channel and onto the beam clip to increase the beam moment capacity.

Pallet Flow (PF) Beams – Pallet flow beams are made to accommodate pallet flow rack.  The entry/exit beams are punched with holes to bolt on th mounting angles that the pallet flow track attaches to.  Internal beams are basic beams without holes.

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