10 Lo-Pro™ Pushback Advantages: Learn Why Advance Does It Best

Advance’s Lo-Pro Pushback pallet racking systems are used extensively in high-cube storage facilities and provide superior selectivity and cost benefits when compared with other deep warehouse storage alternatives.  Advance Storage Products’ pushback rack systems are available 2-6 deep and offer a number of advantages including:

  1. High Density Storage – As mentioned, Advance manufactures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-Deep Pushback Systems that provide high-density storage.  As a result, you can gain up to 100% more storage space without moving to a larger warehouse.
  2. Heavy Duty Structural Steel Construction – Advance carts and rails are constructed from structural steel which provides superior impact resistance to forklifts.
  3. Low Profile Construction – Canted wheels roll in the same orientation as the rail-rolling surface instead of on top.
  4. Welded Bed Frames – Advance rails are welded together into a bedframe designed to prevent them from being misaligned during installation or loosened during product cycling.  This design requires less attachment hardware, reducing labor costs and providing customers with a product that is easier to relocate.
  5. Linked Carts – Advance carts are linked together to prevent separation from the nested stack.  If carts are not linked, carts with pallet loads could potentially hang up in the back of a system, becoming “run away” pallets, flowing too quickly towards the front of the system and possibly ejecting out into the aisle.
  6. Protected Wheels – Advance wheels roll inside of the structural rails, preventing debris from impeding the rollability of the wheels.
  7. Captured Cart Systems – Advance carts are fully captured within the nested pushback system.  This prevents carts from being inadvertently lifted out of the system by misplaced forks.
  8. Large Wheels – Our 2 1/4″ diameter wheel is one of the largest in the industry, providing 12% better rollability than other manufacturer’s 2″ diameter wheels.
  9. Retrofit Capabilities – Advance can retrofit pushback racking to existing selective or drive-in rack, thus eliminating the need to buy new frames and beams.
  10. Rubber Bumper Stops – All Advance Lo-Pro Pushback systems incorporate large cushioned cart stops, protecting your loads and reducing operation noise.

For more information on pushback pallet racking or to get a project quote please contact us.

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