3 Benefits Of Omni-Channel Distribution Integration

Omnichannel – “A multi-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they are shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store.”

Ecommerce and the Amazon effect have affected the distribution landscape in such a way that it may no longer be beneficial to foster individual communication channels with your customers. Operating an omni-channel distribution system that incorporates all devices, communication channels and customer contact opportunities appears crucial to compete in this competitive retail environment. Distributors and warehouse managers must be flexible to meet customer demand wherever their customers access buying information (phone, computer, brick and mortar, etc…). With this integrated approach to customer relationship management, companies are seeing many benefits including faster and more accurate order fulfillment, easy returns and SKU re-integration, and an enhanced customer experience.

More Accurate Order Fulfillment:

  • Customers expect more than ever in the buying experience and are loyal to companies that offer convenience, affordability and simplicity.
  • Making the customer buying experience as timely and affordable as possible will foster returning customers and increase positive brand recognition.
  • By integrating all customer touch points under one sales cycle, a distribution center can fulfill all orders for store pick up or home delivery, providing ultimate convenience to the customer.

Easy Returns and SKU Re-Integration:

  • Streamlining the returns process simplifies inventory flow and communications.
  • Minimizes lost inventory by integrating all departments and tracking item movement across the distribution center.
  • Departments will work in conjunction with one another and communicate order flow through to fulfillment and delivery.
  • Using one system to track all moving parts streamlines asset allocation in all functioning areas in a warehouse.

Enhance The Customer Experience:

  • Omni-channel distribution gives the customer all the power and when done right can make their buying lives much more simple and enjoyable.
  • By monitoring all contact points together, a company or distribution center has the ability to access their customer base through all available channels and to increase the customer experience more efficiently.
  • Multi-channel distribution treats each contact point individually and operates on a channel-by-channel basis.
  • Managing all channels simultaneously minimizes communication and logistic errors across departments.

Ecommerce and customer demand require a fully integrated omni-channel distribution approach for accurate order fulfillment, inventory management and an enhanced customer experience. Keep customers coming back and consider an omni-channel approach to your distribution process.

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