The 6 Components of Drive-In Pallet Racking

Interior Support Arms

Interior support arms are used on the interior upright posts.  Interior double and single arms are both constructed with a structural steel channel mounted to a flat plate.  The plate is configured with a (2″ on center) hole pattern for maximum adjustability.  Single arms are used on end of row upright frame lines whereas double flush arms are used in intermediate upright frame lines.  A single mounted support arm can be used on either the left or right side end of row upright frame line (interchangeable).

Rail Support Beams

Drive-In rail support beams are used at the rearmost two post positions of a drive-in system and are used to support the drive-in rails and to tie the frame lines together to add rigidity to the bay structure.

Drive-In Rail

The drive-in rail is constructed of structural steel angle that attaches to the support arms and beams and runs the length of the system, providing a continuous seat for the pallets to be placed and stored.  For longer systems, drive-in rails may come in two pieces.  Advance’s rail is flush to the front upright and has a rear stop 1 1/2″ from the end of the rail to prevent pallets from hitting the rear x-bracing.

Overhead Tie Beams

Overhead tie beams are structural steel channel beams that tie the system together above the top load in the down aisle direction.  They add rigidity and stability to the entire bay structure and are usually required by the preliminary seismic engineer.

Top X-Bracing

Top x-braces are structural flat plates that tie the drive-in system above the top load level in a crisscross pattern.  The x-braces connect to the overhead tie beams at each frame or space position.  Depending on the configuration of the system, top x-bracing may have up to three different types for locations in an upright, space or post.

Rear X-Bracing

Rear x-braces are structural flat plates that tie the drive-in system at the rear of each drive-in bay in a crisscross pattern.  Each level (starting from the floor) should have a set of x-bracing and the brace connections should be at each successive beam clip.

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