Structural Pallet RackStructural rack is the strongest, most durable type of pallet rack available.  For use in warehouses that have heavy forklift traffic, in temperature controlled and ambient environments, structural rack is the most appropriate solution.  Advance manufactures over 100,000,000 pounds of structural rack solutions per year, routinely shipping projects in excess of $5,000,000.  With state-of-the-art production facilities in Cedartown, Georgia and Salt Lake City, Utah, Advance produces rack systems for companies nationwide and abroad.

Structural Pallet Rack Types

Selective Pallet Racking Systems

Selective RackThe most commonly used rack system from Advance is the Selective Pallet Rack.  It allows for the maximum number of SKU facings and is cost effective. The Selective Rack allows for the most flexibility in slotting design.

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Drive InDrive In rack systems provide low investment, high density industrial storage solutions for users with very few SKU's to store. The Drive In is limited in application because only a single SKU can be stored per bay and its storage utilization tends to be low due to honeycombing.


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2 WIDE DRIVE INThe 2 Wide DITM warehouse storage rack delivers maximum efficiency for high density storage. This racking system allows twice the loading and unloading capacity in a single run while increasing forklift stability.

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Double Deep Reach Pallet Rack

Double Deep ReachStore 2 pallet positions from a single aisle (4 pallets back to back) with the Double Deep Selective Rack.  The rear pallet is accessed with a special fork truck with a pantograph extender. The Double Deep Reach warehouse racking system provides high density storage at a lower initial capital cost when compared with other high density storage systems.


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High Bay StorageWith the cost of land and building foot prints continuing to increase, warehouse rack systems continue to reach for the skies.

High Bay industrial storage systems can exceed 60' in height, nearly doubling the storage capacity of conventional systems and both fully automated and man up vehicles are available. Some of the racking systems available through Advance Storage Products allow vehicles to be moved between aisles to reduce initial capital costs.

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Very Narrow Aisle systemsVery Narrow Aisle pallet rack systems typically have 72'' wide aisles and are accessed by wire guided turret trucks. Many of the Very Narrow Aisle warehouse racking systems have automated position locators that allow for very rapid access to loads.

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Pick Module-Bay viewDesigned for high volume applications, Pick Module pallet racks are industrial storage solutions perfect for full and split case picking.

Our Pick Modules can be stacked 3-4 levels high, often with conveyors integrated to the rack system. Modules will often incorporate carton flow, pallet flow, pushback and combinations  for custom material handling.


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ov 20High volume single level picking operations can benefit from Pick Tunnels racking systems, as they  provide superior warehouse storage density and cubic space utilization.   Reserve product is stored over the picking aisle in pushback or pallet flow and fed by lift trucks to the picking lines using either pallet flow or carton flow.  This pallet rack configuration provides high density storage,  minimized movement of reserve product, separate put away and picking operations and high product throughput.

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