Off The Rack V2 2024

2024 is turning out to be another excellent year for the structural rack market and Advance!  We started the year with a strong showing at Modex in Atlanta which was the largest show for MHI ever (more than 1,200 exhibitors and nearly 50,000 attendees).  There was tremendous excitement focused on our new deep lane storage offering (partnering with Cassioli), the ISATellite.  Our first pallet shuttle system is commissioning as we speak, and several other projects are already in the pipeline.  We expect strong growth in the semi-automated deep storage segment in the coming years!

Business continues to be very strong for us and we are currently expanding capacity at both plants to meet demand.  We are also focused on adding key engineering, estimating and sales team members to continue to provide increased efficiency and support to our partners.

In my early years in the material handling industry, nothing irritated me more than missing or being late on project commitments.  Much of our business process focus at Advance has been built around meeting commitments and delivering projects on time to ensure that we perform according to expectation.  We actively embrace lean manufacturing principles through operations to simplify and streamline our manufacturing processes.  These principles have helped us develop some of the strongest partnerships in the industry.

Stepping back this year, our management team realized that our drive for internal efficiency may have made us less flexible and capable of responding to customer needs at the front end of the process than we would like to be.

In response to this, we assembled a cross functional team of our key managers and held a weeklong Kaizen meeting to focus on improvement.  The event was extremely insightful with the team identifying several areas to improve the customer experience.  Several of these strategies we expect will help us process customer orders much more seamlessly.  We are excited to roll these changes out in the coming months!

2024 looks to be another record year with continued growth projected for 2025 and beyond.  As a family-owned business, my brothers and I are committed to investing in both the capital infrastructure of the business and most importantly in the growth and development of our team.

I feel very fortunate that Advance has developed so many strong long-term customer relationships.  Thank you to each one of you for your support.



John VR Krummell

President, CEO Advance Storage Products
[email protected]

ISATellite Benefits and Capabilities


ISATellite Pallet Shuttle Benefits

Space Optimization and Reduction of Warehouse Management Costs – Store pallets at any depth and increase density in an existing building in lieu of an expansion.  Eliminate outside storage costs by increasing density of current inventory mix.

Increased Productivity When Compared with Other Deep Storage Systems – The shuttle works within the system while a forklift driver delivers loads to the truck bays to maximize inventory flow.

Adaptability for Changing Fire Code Requirements (NFPA 13) – Racking structure is flue space compliant with NFPA 13.

Reduced Risk of Accidents and Damage to Goods – Compared to similar deep drive-in operations.

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About the 2024 GCCA Convention:

The GCCA Convention is the premier event for executives and influential professionals representing temperature-controlled warehousing, logistics and transportation companies and industry suppliers eager to advance the cold chain.

Thanks for stopping by Advance Booth C6669 at Modex in Atlanta and Booth #29 at the 2024 MHEDA Convention!  If you need help with a current quote or future project reach out to our team for help.  We are the ideal structural racking partner.

Recent Racking Projects
6 Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttles

6 Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttles


Our team recently commissioned this ISATellite pallet shuttle project in Southern, CA.  6 semi-automatic pallet shuttles accessing around 1,500 pallet positions in an ambient storage environment.  The number of positions depends on shuttle load overhang and spacing between loads.

All 6 shuttles can be controlled by a single remote and are able to stage product while forklift drivers move loads to trucks for delivery.

52,000 Pallet Positions

52,000 Pallet Positions


This recent project is finishing up in central CA for a produce distributor.  52,000 pallet positions of mostly 7 and 8 deep drive-in pallet racking along with some selective rack to serve as operating space for order fulfillment.  Product will be stored at -10°F and each pallet capacity is between 2 – 4K pounds.  Almost 5,000,000 lbs. of steel in total.

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