Off The Rack V1 2023

I just had breakfast with a long-term customer this morning and his first comment to me was “Advance is an easy company to work with”.  Hearing this was music to my ears.

With Promat just around the corner, I am very pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Cassioli (a well-established European automation producer) to distribute their well proven Isat pallet shuttle product.  For those of you not familiar with pallet shuttles, they are deep lane storage systems that use a semi-automated shuttle to store and retrieve pallets.  In some cases systems can be more than 30 pallets deep.  Hundreds of the Cassioli Isat shuttles have been installed in systems throughout Europe with more than 10 years of operational experience.   Advance will be the exclusive US distributor of the product.  We will have an operating system in our booth at Promat, make sure to stop by and see it at Booth S3837!

In closing I am very excited looking forward to 2023!  Two of our core values are Quality and Trust.  Quality in my mind is a combination of a strong and knowledgeable team, a great business process that delivers consistent results and excellent engineering design, coupled with an outstanding manufacturing team.  All of this comes together with accurate quotes and engineering, clear communications and delivering a quality product on time.  If we do this all right, we will continue to earn your Trust.  Looking forward to many more opportunities to partner in 2023.

Thank you for your support, I hope to see you at Promat!


John VR Krummell

President, CEO Advance Storage Products
[email protected]

Introducing the Advance ISATellite Pallet Shuttle System Built by Cassioli

Advance ISATellite pallet shuttle systems built by Cassioli are specifically designed for high density pallet storage.

ISATellite pallet shuttle systems allow storage of a large quantity of pallets, with a depth of over 130 feet from the loading front, enabling optimization of warehouse space and offering the possibility of storing pallets with different depths sizes in the same channel.

Recent Projects
Total Pallet Positions: 16,231

Total Pallet Positions: 16,231


Our project management team is finishing up this install for a cold storage company in the Midwest.

This project consists of 16,231 pallet positions of selective and pushback pallet racking.  2 freezers for additional cold storage for this customer that has a manufacturing facility close by.  Freezer 1 has a pick tunnel in the middle and is complemented by pushback and pallet flow.  The drivers load from the outside pushback system and put it down to the pallet flow for pickers to grab on the inside of the tunnel.

Freezer 2 has very tall rack (51′) and narrow aisles for a robot type forklift.

Below are shots from another ASP project on the East Coast for another cold storage company.  This system consists of over 567,000 lbs. of structural steel for 210 bays of 4 deep pushback pallet racking.  5,040 pallet positions.

Advance Team Road Update
Promat 2023 | MHEDA

Hope to see you in Chicago for Promat 2023 March 20 – 23.  See the future of supply chain and stop by the Advance booth #S3837 for help with your next pallet racking project.  Our team will also attend the MHEDA Convention for 2023 and we look forward to seeing our distribution partners in Nashville.

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