Choosing the Right Rack System for Your Warehouse

Everyone wants a safe and efficient working environment in their warehouse. 

Make sure to take the following into consideration when evaluating your rack supplier options:

  • Technical knowledge in the type of rack you are selecting
  • R-Mark Certification
  • Guaranteed delivery promise
  • Meat behind their warranties


A pallet rack system represents a major investment for most warehouse operators. First and foremost all operators want to be sure that they provide a safe and efficient working environment for their operators and staff.

There are two major methods to construct rack systems: roll form rack for light duty, low tempo operations, and structural rack for heavy duty, high tempo facilities.

Advance is in the business of holding pallets off the ground safely. Either type of system, when properly designed and used, will provide years of service. Where the difference comes in is when the forklift hits the rack in high tempo operations.

If you have a high tempo operation and the need for heavy duty rack, here are a few things to look for when selecting your supplier:

  • Strong technical knowledge of available options
  • R-Mark certification
  • Guaranteed delivery performance
  • AWS Certification for welding
  • Real warranties

A rack system is a major capital investment—make sure to choose the right supplier.

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