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Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for Torrance, CA based Seville Classics.  A footprint of an area measuring 65’ long by 22’ wide actually provides storage for an amazing 825 pallets.

Bringing innovative products such as steel shelving units and unique, high-quality household items to homes and businesses for over 20 years, Seville Classics’ award-winning industrial designers and engineers research and develop new products, while constantly improving their existing line.

Their product line, which is high in bulk and low in SKU’s, is sold by pallet to national bulk retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club.  Seville’s product is received in containers; the containers are stripped, the product is moved to pallets, and the pallets are moved to the first-in, first-out staging area to be loaded on trucks for delivery to its customers.


Project Management

Project ManagementAdvance Storage Products’ qualified Project Management Team is ready to assist with every aspect of your warehouse racking project.  From quote estimating and freight coordination to installation supervision and permit sign-off, our Team of rack system professionals is known for their quality service, responsiveness and customer-friendly approach.


    Full Quote & Estimation of your warehouse storage project, including:

  • Budget pricing for quick estimating
  • Current, real-time pricing that includes steel surcharges
  • Layout and elevation drawings
  • Preliminary seismic calculations done in-house and in minutes, by any member of the Sales, Project Management or Engineering Staff
  • Gantt Chart & schedule to show estimated timeline for fabrication, shipping and installation
  • This Gantt chart will be used throughout the project to track progress and ensure deadlines are met.


Customers are the first priority for Advance’s experienced Engineering team.  With an average tenure of over 10 years with the company, Advance engineers are experts at designing the most appropriate rack system to accomplish what each and every customer needs to efficiently and effectively manage their pallet rack storage (all within budget).  Armed with superior AutoCAD skills, in conjunction with an integrated bill of material and manufacturing system, the engineering team allows for multiple refinements to a customer’s plans without affecting a tight deadline.

Safe, Accurate, On-Time and Innovative.

Advance’s engineering technology allows any of the Engineers, Estimators or Sales Staff to produce preliminary seismic calculations within minutes, at their desk, for U.S. and Canada locations.  Custom software generates exact, real-time pricing and removes the guesswork from your project planning.

Advance is committed to continually improving product offerings as evidenced by 9+ U.S. patents.  The continued focus on improvement has led to Advance’s industry leading Lo Pro™ Pushback System, welded bed frame Structural Pallet Rack and multiple other product innovations Advance customers enjoy.  Advance is 100% committed to always meeting or exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations.

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