The Next Generation Automated Pallet Storage Solution

Rover is a highly configurable, 3-Dimensional, shuttle-based AS/RS that is cost effective, flexible and scalable.

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Why Rover:

  • Rover provides high throughput and is easily reconfigured to accommodate ever changing storage needs, SKU profiles and production demands.
  • Unlike conventional cart or crane-based AS/RS, Rover systems provide high throughput which can be easily reconfigured to match increased storage needs, Changing SKU profiles and increasing throughput requirements.
  • Rover is the ultimate solution for supply chain manufacturers and distributers who need 24 hour operations demanding high density storage with maximum throughput.
  • Rover AS/RS is a superior automated pallet storage, retrieval and delivery system that interfaces with all WMS's and increases throughput while reducing costs and saving time.
  • Rover can solve high throughput storage needs that cannot be addressed by other solutions.
  • Unlike conventional racking systems and legacy cart or crane-based AS/RS systems, multiple Rover vehicles move simultaneously and bi-directionally throughout the storage rack.
  • Rover is FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE (size and throughput) and ADAPTABLE to unique applications.


  • Fully Automated Pallet Storage System (ASRS)
  • Cold Storage (beverage, food and grocery)
  • Lights Out 24/7 Operation
  • High Throughput
    • Scale with Rovers and VRC's as needed
  • High Density
    • Deep Lane Storage
    • High Bay Operations (65'+)
    • Select lane depths to match customer needs


  • Unmatched Integration Flexibility
    • Design around customer need and facilities
      • LIFO/FIFO
      • Easy integration to interfacing operations
        • Layer Pick
        • Each Pick
        • Pick Modules
        • Production
        • Shipping/Receiving
  • Modular, with Scalable Future Growth
    • System can be easily modified to meet future needs
      • Add storage positions (rack and software change only)
      • Increase throughput (Add Rovers or VRC's)
  • Redundancy
    • No single point of failure
  • Minimal additional material handling equipment
  • Ease of interface to other automated operations
  • Price Competitive
    • Cost per pallet should be on lower end of automation



  • Flexible Storage Lane Depths
    • Design storage system to meet functional needs with multiple depth storage options
    • Goal is to eliminate mixing SKU's and lots in same lane
    • Extreme flexibility to configure design to operation's needs without limitations inherent in o ther automation alternatives


  • Dynamic Storage Lane Configuration
    • Can operate FIFO, LIFO, or both
    • Same lane can be 10 deep→ 5 + 5 deep or 8 + 2 deep, etc.
    • Managed real time by IWS




Example Design:





To learn more about Rover, contact Kevin Darby, Automated Systems Solutions Manager

-  (714) 657-1608  -



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