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Rover Features


Flexible Storage:

  • Design system to meet storage needs with multiple storage depth options
  • Extreme flexibility to configure design to operation's needs without limitations inherent in other automation alternatives
  • Managed real time by a Warehouse Management System (WMS)


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Dynamic Storage Lane Configuration:

  • Can operate FIFO, LIFO or both
  • For example, a 10 deep storage lane can be configured 5 + 5 deep or 8 + 2 deep (or other configurations)
  • Goal is to eliminate mixing SKU's and lots in same lane


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Infeed and Outfeed Stations Anywhere:

  • System is capable of having an infeed/outfeed station anywhere on the outside of the racking for minimum cost
  • Rovers can drive to pick up and drop off stations outside the racking system



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Example of dynamic storage lane configuration

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