Clients and Testimonials


At Advance, our customers come first.


Over 80% of our orders come from repeat customers such as:


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Ron Kozicki, Vice President System Engineering, Tippmann Group

The number one reason I buy from Advance is quality.  Advance is very good about building the rack to our standards.

Lee Ott, Regional Director, US Foods

Advance has the best customer service and quality.  I get the same service from my sales rep and his team on every single project.

Larry Young, Director, Southern California Distribution, Unified Grocers

Advance is very reliable.  They’re dependable and timely, and easy to work with.

Justen Woods, Warehouse Solutions Manager, Carolina Handling

Advance has the best pricing and customer service.

John Calkins, Meyer Material Handling

Their product is hands-down the best from a longevity standpoint.  Everything about the way their system works operationally, safely, functionaly, and parts dependability is bulletproof.  Advance is a trustworthy and dependable partner.

Eric Anderson, DACO Corporation

The number one reason I buy from Advance is my relationship with the people and the quality of the product and the attention to detail.

Brad Alm, Director of Distribution & Manufacturing, HEB

I have confidence in Advance—confidence that I’m going to get quality, confidence that they’re going to communicate and deliver, and confidence that they are going to commit enough to understand my business so that we know we are doing the right thing.

Michael Ware, Logistics Manager, Bonneville Power Administration

Advance’s customer service was exceptional.  They were very responsive.  They met their commitments, delivered on time and on budget with a high quality product.

Mike Kurzendoerfer, Kroger

Advance is a key example of an excellent service provider.  I once did a project with Advance at our other facility where I never visited the job site until well after the project was completed.  Advance did an excellent job and managed the project so well and at such an excellent level of quality that I really didn't have to go.  I cannot say I have had that experience with any other rack vendor.

Andreas Gerber, Procter & Gamble Canada

The racking project with Advance has been completed – great execution and communication with no start-up issues at all.  Just wanted to thank you again for your help with this – Advance was the right choice!

Rick Aswegan, Distribution Manager, Procter & Gamble Iowa

At this point I can say without a doubt this is the best rack installation of this size I have been involved with.  Everybody is working well together to meet the schedule put together prior to installation.  With the open communication between all parties and a rack crew like I have never worked with I don’t see anything changing.  Thank you to everybody for their hard work.

Joe Anderson, Bulk Operations Manager, Schenker

Just wanted to extend a sincere GREAT JOB to all involved with this project up to this point.  It has seemed to go almost flawlessly!!

Peter Brown, SLC Distribution Manager, Johnson & Johnson

I am continually amazed with the Advance Storage Products team and with their speed, expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness.  They have responded to many last-minute changes in design and sequencing, and have still kept the rack installation ahead of schedule!  They have also been tremendously proactive on City approvals.  It is "shock & awe" (the good kind) out here.  We have some great partners on this RETRO effort!!

Jeff Dion, United Rack Installers, Inc.

We have worked with Advance Storage Products for many years and have found their pushback to be one of the best in the industry.  It is one of the more consistent systems from an operational standpoint because of the welded frame assembly.  Advance's pushback takes all of the guess work out of the installation of the rails and carts, which greatly limits the possibility of a cart malfunction.

Mike Metzger, General Manager, Republic National Distributing Company

From my point of view, Advance did everything that was asked of them and their follow-up was superb.  I also would like to let you know the crew that installed the racking itself were stellar.  They worked very hard and accommodated any changes we requested and did it without any delay or argument.  We are very happy with the end product and I must add we now look like a Big Boy Warehouse!