Off The Rack Summer 2020

2020 has been a remarkably challenging year so far to say the least!  Firstly, I would like to thank our customer partners for their outstanding support through the last few months.  Working together we have found many innovative ways to continue to meet our delivery and installation commitments in a safe and practical way.  I am very proud of the excellent job our team has done rapidly adapting to the new needs for safety, while continuing operations with minimum interruptions or delays.

As we move forward into the next phases of the ‘post Covid world’, our teams have implemented rigorous health and safety standards at both our production facilities as well as for our job site installation crews.  These precautions are in place to keep our teams as well as our customer’s teams safe and healthy while still meeting jobsite performance standards.

Looking forward, on the positive side, our lead times have come down and we can provide much faster delivery than has been possible in the last few years.  If your team is in need of pallet racking for an upcoming project please let us know ([email protected]).   Thank you again for all of your support through a very difficult year.  We look forward to working together towards future success!


John VR Krummell

President, CEO Advance Storage Products
[email protected]

Recent Projects

Our team has been instrumental in continuing to serve our customers safely across the US.  This project for a food & beverage distributor in the Midwest consists of 44,758 pallet positions!

Food & Beverage Distributor

Food & Beverage Distributor

44,758 Pallet Positions | 51 Rows Single Selective and Pushback 

51 rows of single selective and 2 deep pushback pallet racking deliver high density storage for a large product mix.  2 deep pushback is ideal for facilities with 8 – 10 of the same SKUs.

Double deep selective rack doubles storage density while maintaining product selectivity.

2 deep pushback provides flexibility to store multiple SKUs

Below is another project for our customer in the Pacific Northwest that utilizes a 20,000 square foot mezzanine.  This system uses two pick modules for case and split case picking along with 18 rows of pushback racking for full pallet picking.

10,000 total pallet positions!

Automation Corner

Take a look at updates from current automation projects and highlights of Mt. Adams Fruit in Bingen, WA.

TAKE A RIDE WITH ROVER!  360 degree video

Dive into 7 levels of automated cold storage and follow Rover through the entire system!

Rover vehicles move bi-directionally and can be stationed to complete a multitude of tasks including:  pallet handling, pallet delivery, order staging, pallet storage, pallet inspection, truck delivery and more.

Story Feature: John Krummell Interviewed by IndustrialSage

John Krummell, President of Advance Storage Products, discusses the industry's journey towards increased automation and how Covid has affected that.

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