Having completed over 10,000 projects, Advance provides materials handling solutions for companies throughout North America including many in the Fortune 500. Whether you are faced with increasing product density, a growing number of SKU’s, the need for better selectivity or other pallet storage challenges, Advance has the solution. In the case studies below, you will see how we've helped organizations like yours with solutions including Pushback, Selective, Drive In, and Flow Systems.
Quaker Oats
Seville Classics
McCabe's Foods
Vernon Warehouse / Sweetener Products

Quaker Oats

Quaker OatsQuaker and Advance: The Right Mix!

Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for Quaker Oats’ largest single worldwide brand, its Gatorade thirst quencher. In total, Advance supplied more than 20,000 pallet positions of pushback rack to Quaker’s facilities in Indiana and Arizona.

Led by a number of strong brands including oatmeal, cereals, granola bars and pasta/rice mixes, the Quaker name has stood for quality products for more than a century. Acquired by the Quaker Oats Company in 1983, Gatorade has grown from sales of $100 million in fiscal 1984 to over $1.8 billion worldwide in 1999. Its Gatorade product line accounts for nearly 40 percent of the company’s sales and operating income, while commanding an 82 percent share of the sports beverage category in the U.S.

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Seville Classics

SevilleTaking Cube Utilization to New Heightsrs 11 1

Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for Torrance, Calif. based Seville Classics. A footprint of an area measuring 65’ long by 22’ wide actually provides storage for an amazing 825 pallets.

Bringing innovative products such as steel shelving units and unique, high-quality household items to homes and businesses for over 20 years, Seville Classics’ award-winning industrial designers and engineers research and develop new products, while constantly improving their existing line.

Their product line, which is high in bulk and low in SKU’s, is sold by pallet to national bulk retailers such as Costco and Sam’s Club. Seville’s product is received in containers; the containers are stripped, the product is moved to pallets, and the pallets are moved to the first-in, first-out staging area to be loaded on trucks for delivery to its customers.

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McCabe's Foods

McCabe's Fast FoodFast Food - Dense Storage

McCabe’s was able to achieve significant savings by utilizing Advance’s retrofit 2 and 3 deep pushback system that easily converted their existing 2 and 3 deep drive-in rack to a new narrow aisle pushback system.

Advance Storage Products was recently chosen to provide a storage solution for McCabe’s Quality Foods, Inc. One of the nation’s largest systems distributors, McCabe’s distributes food and related products to fast food restaurants, including Burger King, Burgerville, Arby’s and Wendy’s in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and the Far East. McCabe’s recently won Top Distribution Company of the year for Burger King. Out of its corporate office in Portland, OR, McCabe’s 100,000 square foot distribution facility wanted to maximize its storage capacity in order to go after more accounts thereby growing the company without having to seek a new location.

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Vernon Warehouse / Sweetener Products

Vernon WarehouseAdvance Increases Throughput

The Advance Lo-Pro Pushback gave Vernon Warehouse the increased number of pallet postions they required and provided improved selectivity and greater ability to control a FIFO inventory. The 3-deep layout with some selective rack fit perfectly into the new facility.Sweetener Products

The Vernon Warehouse/Sweetener Products Company has been an innovator and industry leader in sweetener storage and handling since 1923. Located near Los Angeles in the city of Vernon, California, Sweetener Products Company operates a state-of-the art warehouse and distribution center supplying a large variety of nutritive sweeteners, starches, salts, soy products, shortenings, and other specialty items. From bagged items to bulk truck quantities, Sweetener Products Company and its affiliated trucking company, Vernon Warehouse, offer a unique combination of products and services to the western region.

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