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How Does a Pushback Rack System work?


When distribution facility operators are looking to densify their storage layout (store up to twice as many pallets in the same facility when compared with selective rack), many times Pushback Rack systems can be an excellent alternative.  A pushback rack system is a LIFO system, normally composed of an inclined rail section that extends the full depth of the storage lane (typically from 2-6 pallets deep).  There are a series of nested carts that the pallets rest on top of that roll on the rail system (either C channel or tube construction).  For a two deep system, there will be one cart storage position and the final pallet rests on the rail, for a three deep system there are 2 cart storage positions and one rail storage position, etc.  

How does Pushback Work?  

To operate a pushback system, the lift truck operator places the first pallet on the upper cart in the lane.  With the second pallet the operator then "pushes back" the first pallet that is resting on the cart.  The second pallet is then either placed on the rail in a two deep system, or placed on the next cart in a 3-6 deep system.  This process is repeated until the lane is full.  To unload the system, the operator removes the last pallet inserted (LIFO) and slowly backs out.  The following pallets/carts roll forward on the inclined rail to the front of the system.

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What are the different types of rack and why select one vs. another?


There are many different types of pallet racking configurations that can be selected by end users depending on their storage needs. They range from  low density selective rack all the way to high-density pushback , drive in, and pallet flow systems. Each configuration has advantages and disadvantages:

Selective Pallet RackThis is the most common style of rack system. It is low cost, readily available and provides access to every pallet. The down side is that nearly 50% of the facility is dedicated to aisle space (typically 9-12') and density is sacrificed.

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What is the difference Between Structural and Roll Form Rack?


A pallet rack system’s basic function is to help warehouse operators to improve the storage density of their facilities by storing pallets vertically to make use of the vertical space in the warehouse efficiently.  Pallet racks can be configured in a wide variety of ways to meet customer’s needs ranging from low density, high selectivity selective systems to high-density pushback, drive in and pallet flow systems.  

There are two major core construction materials used to construct pallet rack systems, roll form steel and structural steel.  

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