Rover Applications

Cold Storage

Food & Beverage



Consumer Goods

Fully Automated Pallet Storage System (AS/RS):

  • Rover’s flexible storage capacity makes it ideal for any SKU profile
  • The system is able to support a mix of double deep and selective storage needs in one racking system

Pallet Handling For Production Lines:

  • To support multiple production lines Rover has the ability to travel on tracks outside the racking structure
  • Ideal for transporting raw materials and finished goods to and from the AS/RS warehouse

Multiple Storage Modules Within One Facility:

  • The modular design allows a Rover system to create “islands” of storage throughout a facility that can be linked by bridges or work standing alone
  • A main warehouse can feed a series of smaller satellite systems throughout a large campus or manufacturing facility

Cold Storage (Beverage, Food, Grocery):

  • Rover is powered by Li-ion batteries and works seamlessly in a cold storage environment
  • Typically, cold storage designs have all the stationary, mechanical and electrical components within 20 feet of the shipping dock with only static racking extending deep into the freezer warehouse

High Throughput:

  • A Rover system’s throughput is only limited by the number of Rovers and VRCs (lifts) in the system
  • Additional throughput is created by adding more Rover and VRCs
  • Perfect integration for fast growing operations

High Density:

  • Rover system’s typically create 15-20% more storage capacity than a selective rack warehouse

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