Advance was founded in 1958 in Compton, California and has been a family-owned warehouse storage company ever since.

1958 Advance Equipment Co. started
1965 First plant in Compton
 1975  Hoover Street Plant Opened.  Electronic Work Bench Line Created
 1982  Hoover expanded to 50,000 SF
 1985  Work Bench Business sold.  Hoover St. closed.  Advance Storage Products Started.
 1989  First 2 Deep pushback job sold to Ralphs Grocery (10,000 lanes, $2.6M).
 1992  Lo Pro pushback line introduced and patented
 1992  Boeing Project ($8M high bay system)
 1996 Rockmart Pushback plant opened (20,000 SF)
 1998 Rockmart plant at capacity
 2004 Cedartown Plant opened, pallet rack line introduced (100,000 SF)
 2006 Cedartown plant at capacity
 2014 Salt Lake City plant opened (65,000 SF)

Advance Timeline

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