Flow SystemsWhen you need a first-in-first-out warehouse storage solution, Flow Rack Systems may be the right material handling option for your facility. They provide high-density storage and these Flow Racking Systems are used extensively to feed picking operations.

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Flow Systems Types

Pallet Flow

pallet flow rackPallet Flow Rack System provide very high density storage in applications that must have first in, first out storage (FIFO).

With Pallet Flow Rack Systems  the pallets are loaded into the back end of the warehouse storage system and flow to the front end. On systems over 3 pallets deep, a braking system is typically provided.

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Carton Flow

Carton FlowCarton Flow warehouse storage racks  are used for low volume case picking and for high volume split case picking.

Cartons are loaded individually at the back side of the rack system and flow to the front (FIFO-First In First Out). Carton Flow warehouse storage racks can be installed as stand-alone units, or as a component of a larger pallet rack, or pick module application.

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